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child protection reports

2 Posts

Posted:  25-Nov-2009 16:01
Does anybody have a policy/protocol on scanning of child protection reports. They often involve names of several members of the family which makes it difficult bearing in mind the data protection/confidentiality element. Any advise would be appreciated.


14 Posts

Posted:  30-Nov-2009 13:49
In our practice we scan the child protection documents onto our shared drive which is checked during patient deductions for any transfers out.

We use the read code' item held as scanned document' along with the other relevant child protection readcodes.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Heather [:)]

5 Posts

Posted:  02-Dec-2009 12:27
We only scan the front page and record that CP are dealing and then shred the docs after GP has seen them. We work on the principle that it is not medical data and should it be needed (!) then we would contact the owner of said document. Dittom with PMAs we do not scan in either - they get shredded after 6 months.
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