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Interview Questions for Practice Manager
We are in the process of recruiting a new practice manager, we have 3 candidates for final interview which is being help next week. 2 of the candid....
31 December 2009 04:45 - GP Practice Management
Posted by adejones - Topic read 11 times today (11 replies)
Average Number of GP Appointments
Does anyone have any information on the average number of GP appointments per 1,000 patients per week? We are potentially partaking in an exercise on....
18 February 2013 04:11 - GP Practice Management
Posted by rpburton - Topic read 7 times today (4 replies)
General Practice Protocols
Can someone help me and advise me if there is a central source/website where I can obtain up-to-date copies of protocols to e used in a general practi....
07 July 2012 06:38 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 5 times today (2 replies)
PPA claim
We are looking to reduce our prescribing budget, one area is mirena coils.  Currently we issue a script to the local pharmacy, this then comes of....
25 August 2013 05:14 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Leicesterpm - Topic read 5 times today (1 replies)
CQC Compliance Tools
There are a few on the market but this is the best I have seen. Are there any others? [url...
29 June 2012 11:17 - GP Practice Management
Posted by practicemanagementsolutions - Topic read 3 times today (4 replies)
Chaperone Training
we have a policy in place that covers the subject of chaperone training but I recently had a chat with a neighbouring practice PM who told me that cha....
07 July 2009 05:26 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Lizzy - Topic read 2 times today (23 replies)
Deputy Practice Manager/Office Manager Job Desc.
HI Has anyone a current Deputy Practice Manager/Office Manager Job Description they are will to share ? Thanks Teresa Bressington
15 April 2010 01:26 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Teresa Bressington - Topic read 2 times today (35 replies)
Maximising QOF Points
Hi All, A bit new here, but wanted to see what advice I could get on what's - really - a basic issue. What are some good ways to maximise QOF po....
06 September 2010 01:59 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Sara443 - Topic read 2 times today (9 replies)
Salaried GPs - medical defence scheme
We are currently reviewing whether to continue to pay the MDU subscriptions for our salaried GPs. It is not part of their terms and conditions but his....
03 May 2011 03:27 - GP Practice Management
Posted by SandraR - Topic read 2 times today (2 replies)
incorrect use of A&E letter
Hi everyone, We are going to be writing to a number of patients who have incorrectly used A&E in the previous months. Does anyone happen to hav....
30 March 2012 12:12 - GP Practice Management
Posted by h.westwood - Topic read 2 times today (56 replies)
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South UK • Practice Manager /Business Manager
I am looking for a Practice Manager /Business manager role, experienced in dealing with PM issues incl Management & Planning / HR / I.T./ Finance / Wo....
26 September 2014
southwest of london • deputy practice manager
I am a practice nurse who wants to leave clinical work and go into GP management.Any jobs in the putney an dfulham borders.please contact me.thanks
08 September 2014
London (Central/South West) • Business/Practice Manager
I am a business manager, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of many sectors this includes Hotels and Hospitality, Leisure and Health/FItness, S....
25 July 2014
Sheffield/Barns... • Practice Manager
An experienced Practice Manager returning to the fold after taking a 2 year time out to work at MENCAP. Take a chance on me and you will NOT regret it....
01 April 2014
Norfolk • Practice Manager
A self-starter with a reputation for the ability to teach and train as well as patience, ability and enthusiasm for troubleshooting. Responsible, moti....
13 November 2013
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