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Interview Questions for Practice Manager
We are in the process of recruiting a new practice manager, we have 3 candidates for final interview which is being help next week. 2 of the candid....
31 December 2009 04:45 - GP Practice Management
Posted by adejones - Topic read 29 times today (11 replies)
Average Number of GP Appointments
Does anyone have any information on the average number of GP appointments per 1,000 patients per week? We are potentially partaking in an exercise on....
18 February 2013 04:11 - GP Practice Management
Posted by rpburton - Topic read 9 times today (5 replies)
DOes anyone use this? Do we have to use it?
09 March 2011 05:48 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Paul1701 - Topic read 3 times today (5 replies)
Non NHS Fees
Hi All, I was just wondering if any of you have an up to date guide on charges for Non NHS work. We are thinking of charging for Travel Vaccines and....
10 March 2011 11:09 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 3 times today (4 replies)
Post Natals
Does anyone know if we still need to do post-natal checks? Is it still in the GMS contract to do them, I seem to remember somewhere we could choose t....
12 October 2011 12:02 - GP Practice Management
Posted by traceyg - Topic read 3 times today (1 replies)
Managing demand for photocopying Notes
Hi, We have experienced a real surge in the number of 3rd Party requests for copies of Patient Notes. Our Practice has a policy of not allowing Notes ....
31 October 2011 10:51 - GP Practice Management
Posted by HelenF - Topic read 3 times today (8 replies)
Backup Data
Can anyone tell me where offsite backup tapes should be stored and what process you all currently use. Thanks
16 July 2012 10:09 - GP Practice Management
Posted by ChrissieMc - Topic read 3 times today (1 replies)
Dr First / Productive Primary Care
I saw a demonstration of Doctor First ([url="/j/?j=... and it looks interesting. They made it clear that ....
30 November 2012 12:31 - GP Practice Management
Posted by AV - Topic read 3 times today (7 replies)
this is a challenge now. so don't spend too much time on it. Unless your a prospective fighter pilot you will do well to last 60 seconds!The object is....
08 July 2009 04:09 - GP Practice Management
Posted by garyr - Topic read 3 times today (0 replies)
EU Madness
The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which ....
30 July 2009 01:23 - GP Practice Management
Posted by garyr - Topic read 3 times today (0 replies)
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1 new jobs this week
Blackburn, Lancashire • Practice Manager - Ewood Medical Centre and Larkhill Surgery
We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and highly motivated Practice Manager to join our busy and friendly GP practice in Blackburn. The practice ....
This job offer was posted by JGregory 02 March 2015
Baker Street London • Practice Manager - Health Consultants Inc
Description Pr... Health Company primarily offering services in musculo-physiot... and sports medicine is looking for a dynamic results achievin....
This job offer was posted by healthconsultants 18 February 2015
London • General Practice Manager/Senior Manager
Independent West End firm have a vacancy for an experienced general practice manager/senior manager to head the general practice department....
This job offer was posted by Hays 05 March 2015
Bridlington • Business Manager (Private Healthcare)
Flame Health Private Healthcare – Business Manager - Bridlington. F and provides core general practice services 5 days a week....
This job offer was posted by Flame Health 05 March 2015
Brighton • Practice Business Manager
The Practice Business Manager is supported by an Assistant Practice Manager and a Reception Manager. A background in general practice management or si....
This job offer was posted by NHS Jobs 05 March 2015
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London • Practice Manager
I am an experienced Practice manager with 5 years of experience and performing the following duties- • Managing and handling the normal and day-to-da....
18 December 2014
South UK • Practice Manager /Business Manager
I am looking for a Practice Manager /Business manager role, experienced in dealing with PM issues incl Management & Planning / HR / I.T./ Finance / Wo....
26 September 2014
southwest of london • deputy practice manager
I am a practice nurse who wants to leave clinical work and go into GP management.Any jobs in the putney an dfulham borders.please contact me.thanks
08 September 2014
London (Central/South West) • Business/Practice Manager
I am a business manager, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of many sectors this includes Hotels and Hospitality, Leisure and Health/FItness, S....
25 July 2014
Sheffield/Barns... • Practice Manager
An experienced Practice Manager returning to the fold after taking a 2 year time out to work at MENCAP. Take a chance on me and you will NOT regret it....
01 April 2014
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