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General Practice Protocols
Can someone help me and advise me if there is a central source/website where I can obtain up-to-date copies of protocols to e used in a general practi....
07 July 2012 06:38 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 8 times today (4 replies)
Idiot sightings
IDIOT SIGHTING #1 My daughter and I went through the McDonald's take-out window and I gave the clerk a £5 note. Our total was £4.20, so I also han....
15 July 2010 03:58 - GP Practice Management
Posted by bernie - Topic read 4 times today (0 replies)
Bank Holiday calculations
this is giving me a slight stroke, just getting my head around it. minimum holiday is 4 weeks plus 8 days bank holidays, or 5.6 weeks a year. thats fo....
24 June 2009 09:37 - GP Practice Management
Posted by harrym - Topic read 3 times today (1 replies)
Interview Questions for Practice Manager
We are in the process of recruiting a new practice manager, we have 3 candidates for final interview which is being help next week. 2 of the candid....
31 December 2009 04:45 - GP Practice Management
Posted by adejones - Topic read 3 times today (11 replies)
Treatment Room Cleaning Policy
Wonder if anyone could share a treatment room cleaning policy please
01 December 2010 06:58 - GP Practice Management
Posted by glanceri - Topic read 3 times today (40 replies)
hourly wages for assistant practice manager
We are currently looking at taking on an assistant practice manager and we are not sure what the going hourly rate is. Can anyone help with this pleas....
13 January 2012 09:44 - GP Practice Management
Posted by joanne7 - Topic read 3 times today (5 replies)
Shingles Letter
Hi All Has anyone got a standard shingles call letter that they send out to patients please? Thank you
26 September 2013 08:00 - GP Practice Management
Posted by jackiebaines - Topic read 3 times today (2 replies)
360 degree appraisals
has anyone a proforma for a 360 degree appraisal and a protocol for conducting one?
14 September 2009 11:50 - GP Practice Management
Posted by janeking - Topic read 2 times today (3 replies)
ApolloScan 2 Vs. DocMan v7 + Intellisense?
Hi, thanks for reading this post. I would be interested to know your thoughts on the pros and cons of both DocMan and Apollo with regards to implem....
23 June 2010 10:02 - GP Practice Management
Posted by shdale - Topic read 2 times today (4 replies)
Fire Checks
has anyone a useful fire safety checklist to use for our annual Health and safety review? much appreciated
26 June 2009 09:22 - GP Practice Management
Posted by janeking - Topic read 1 times today (0 replies)
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