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Interview Questions for Practice Manager
We are in the process of recruiting a new practice manager, we have 3 candidates for final interview which is being help next week. 2 of the candid....
31 December 2009 04:45 - GP Practice Management
Posted by adejones - Topic read 45 times today (11 replies)
Average Number of GP Appointments
Does anyone have any information on the average number of GP appointments per 1,000 patients per week? We are potentially partaking in an exercise on....
18 February 2013 04:11 - GP Practice Management
Posted by rpburton - Topic read 30 times today (5 replies)
General Practice Protocols
Can someone help me and advise me if there is a central source/website where I can obtain up-to-date copies of protocols to e used in a general practi....
07 July 2012 06:38 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 17 times today (4 replies)
GP Practice Staff Holiday Entitlement???
Can anyone provide (strong reference based/ NHS linked websites) NHS GP staff (GP, Nurses, Practice Manager & Receptionist) holiday entitlement?
28 March 2011 03:41 - GP Practice Management
Posted by pm-smtp - Topic read 10 times today (20 replies)
hourly wages for assistant practice manager
We are currently looking at taking on an assistant practice manager and we are not sure what the going hourly rate is. Can anyone help with this pleas....
13 January 2012 09:44 - GP Practice Management
Posted by joanne7 - Topic read 10 times today (5 replies)
Practice nurse pay / conditions
Our nurses are looking for a pay increase (aren't we all!!). The practice implemented agenda for change conditions and payscale but with cut backs ....
01 July 2009 12:41 - GP Practice Management
Posted by oddball - Topic read 5 times today (4 replies)
Deputy Practice Manager/Office Manager Job Desc.
HI Has anyone a current Deputy Practice Manager/Office Manager Job Description they are will to share ? Thanks Teresa Bressington
15 April 2010 01:26 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Teresa Bressington - Topic read 5 times today (35 replies)
ECG machine which is the best?
Our old ECG machine is gone and I wonder if anyone could recommend one? It's tricky to find any reviews on the Internet, so I thought why not asking ....
24 June 2011 10:46 - GP Practice Management
Posted by hutia - Topic read 4 times today (4 replies)
NHS Digital Research Engagement
NHS Digital develop and run the IT systems that support NHS front line staff. We are constantly trying to improve our services for practitioners and p....
13 December 2016 10:11 - GP Practice Management
Posted by will.turner - Topic read 4 times today (0 replies)
Salary expectations
Hi all I am in the process of negotiating a salary for a job offer, but in all honesty I am at a loss where to start! I've been at my current practi....
16 May 2012 08:59 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Lindas - Topic read 3 times today (1 replies)
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This job offer was posted by TANZANIA 15 July 2017
Sheffield • Practice Nurse
Practice Nurse Required. For further information, please contact Business Manager Mrs Susie Uprichard Susie.Uprichard... or Tel:....
This job offer was posted by NHS Jobs 17 July 2017
Llanelli • Advanced Paramedic Practitioner/Nurse Practitioner
Mr Jamie O’Grady, Practice/Business Manager, Ty Elli Group Practice, Vauxhall, Llanelli, SA15 3BD. We value our entire team and remain positive about ....
This job offer was posted by NHS Jobs 10 July 2017
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London (+ Greater) • Practice Manager
I’m currently working as an experienced Administrator in the Children, Adult and Health Social Care of London Borough of Lambeth. I am however pursui....
25 January 2017
Sw15 3bz • practice Nurse
I am a Practice Nurse basically looking for long term Locum work with a Practice in Wandsworth, Fulham ,Worcester Park and New Malden areas only.I a....
27 May 2016
LONDON • Practice and Finance Manager
I am an experienced Practice and Finance manager. My extensive experience of finance and management is well documented in the attached CV. In it you ....
06 March 2016
Eastern • Practice Manager or CQC Compliance Preperation
Experienced NHS Primary and Secondary Care Practice / Business Manager available for short or medium-term contracts, or on a consultancy basis. Strate....
21 November 2015
west midlands • Practice manager
With 5 years experience in G.P practices and over years experience as a practice manager. I have proven abilities and skills needed to run a practice ....
02 June 2013