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General Practice Protocols
Can someone help me and advise me if there is a central source/website where I can obtain up-to-date copies of protocols to e used in a general practi....
07 July 2012 06:38 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 177 times today (4 replies)
incorrect use of A&E letter
Hi everyone, We are going to be writing to a number of patients who have incorrectly used A&E in the previous months. Does anyone happen to hav....
30 March 2012 12:12 - GP Practice Management
Posted by h.westwood - Topic read 9 times today (56 replies)
Average Number of GP Appointments
Does anyone have any information on the average number of GP appointments per 1,000 patients per week? We are potentially partaking in an exercise on....
18 February 2013 04:11 - GP Practice Management
Posted by rpburton - Topic read 8 times today (5 replies)
CQC Registration and Infection Control
Hi As I am sure everyone is aware we have to register with CQC and the process for Infection Control in Practice Management seems a huge prospect. I....
27 February 2011 09:05 - GP Practice Management
Posted by n/a - Topic read 6 times today (38 replies)
GP Practice Staff Holiday Entitlement???
Can anyone provide (strong reference based/ NHS linked websites) NHS GP staff (GP, Nurses, Practice Manager & Receptionist) holiday entitlement?
28 March 2011 03:41 - GP Practice Management
Posted by pm-smtp - Topic read 6 times today (20 replies)
Chaperone Training
we have a policy in place that covers the subject of chaperone training but I recently had a chat with a neighbouring practice PM who told me that cha....
07 July 2009 05:26 - GP Practice Management
Posted by Lizzy - Topic read 5 times today (23 replies)
GP Rotas
Glad to see that Omni GP rota software is advertised on the site. This has to be the best bit of add-on software I've ever bought. Saves hours of sc....
09 July 2009 08:01 - GP Practice Management
Posted by geoffdennis - Topic read 5 times today (0 replies)
QOf- Management 7
I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to share their practice protocol for Management 5 Qof indicator. We seem to have had ours disappear....
24 November 2010 10:45 - GP Practice Management
Posted by h.westwood - Topic read 5 times today (13 replies)
Practice Manager Qualifications
I'm very interested in applying for a Practice Manager role and believe I have the required skills and experience in most areas the exception being IT....
08 January 2011 06:32 - GP Practice Management
Posted by JYB007 - Topic read 5 times today (4 replies)
Letters for Recalls - Disease areas
Hi All Does anyone have copies they could please share for 1st,2nd,3rd recall letters for the QOF disease areas. If so I would greatly appreciat....
27 January 2011 01:20 - GP Practice Management
Posted by langie123 - Topic read 4 times today (1 replies)
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